Our anti-corruption programme supports governments, human rights groups, national bar associations and law societies in upholding the rule of law by safeguarding the independence of the judiciary and legal profession.

We take part in fact-finding missions, deliver anti-corruption training, and help to raise awareness of the significant contributions the legal profession can make to tackle corruption.

We work with established and aspiring lawyers looking for opportunities to contribute to the Law Society’s international work, as well as to build relationships with their colleagues abroad.

Our aims

The programme aims to engage with nations around the world to combat corruption and strengthen the rule of law.

By safeguarding the rule of law, nations can build robust justice systems and make sure the legal profession and judiciary become and remain independent.

What we’re doing

We delivered a four-day anti-corruption seminar in Costa Rica for public servants on developing strategies for the fight against corruption.

We joined forces with Transparency International to highlight the role of lawyers and judges in tackling corruption.

The speakers explored how establishing a robust and independent judiciary and legal profession can have a positive impact on peacebuilding.

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