Talking LGBTQI+ asylum with UKLGIG

Our Immigration Law Committee talks to Leila Zadeh and Harun Tulunay about asylum for LGBTQI+ people.

Harun shares his experiences of persecution based on his sexual orientation and coming to the UK in search of a safer life, and Leila shares the work that UKLGIG do to help people in Harun’s position.

We discuss the laws relating to asylum in the UK, what good practice looks like in these situations and the challenges that may arise.


  • Leila ZadehLeila Zadeh, executive director of the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group
  • UKLGIG support LGBTQI+ people through the asylum and immigration process, providing emotional support and legal information throughout the process.

    Leila advocates for improved policies and decision-making by governments in LGBTQI+ asylum claims.

  • Harun Tulunay, webinar and podcast commissioning editor at the Law Society
  • Harun Tulunay

    Harun moved to UK to escape discrimination and the hostile environment he faced in Turkey. He decided to become an ambassador for good sexual health and mental health and started to volunteer for charities in UK.

    Harun delivers public speeches and shares his life experiences to tackle the stigma and to raise awareness.

Listen to the podcast:

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