How can in-house counsel do pro bono work?

In a series of three bitesize videos, Rebecca Wilkinson, former pro bono policy adviser at the Law Society and current deputy chief executive and director of programmes at LawWorks shares her advice.

Myth busting pro bono for in-house lawyers

Plenty of in-house counsel want to do pro bono work, but assume that they can’t. It’s often mystifying issues around insurance coverage and regulatory restrictions that are perceived blockers, plus the general problem of how to find opportunities. In the first of a series on pro bono, Rebecca Wilkinson busts the myths and shows how it can be, and is, done.

How to build pro bono work in house

Rebecca Wilkinson talks us through the top ways that in-house teams can get involved. Whether partnering with a law firm, working through a legal charity or setting up a bespoke project, Rebecca offers 90 seconds of practical guidance.

Making the business case for pro bono in-house 

In her final episode on in-house counsel, Rebecca Wilkinson shares her top tips on making the business case internally for your team taking on more pro bono work.

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