Fourth International Lawyers Forum

The president of the Law Society, Christina Blacklaws, and our international policy adviser for Europe, Alex Storer, attended the Fourth International Lawyers Forum in Berlin on 5 April 2019.

They were joined by representatives from

  • the American Society of International Law
  • the International Bar Association
  • UK law firms
  • the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers
  • the Law Societies of France, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland and Germany

Delegates discussed different national frameworks for protecting lawyer-client confidentiality as a fundamental human right.

Christina highlighted the importance of protecting legal professional privilege to ensure public confidence in the legal profession, the administration of justice and the rule of law.

In many jurisdictions, confidentiality is not an absolute right, and participants explored limited exceptions such as the investigation of crimes, including fraud.

Panellists reflected on the impact of digital communications and social media that create novel situations and challenges for any system of protecting legal professional privilege and the integrity of the administration of justice.

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