Launch of a Special Edition of Law in Transition journal

We attended the launch of the EBRD’s special edition of the ’Law in Transition’ journal

On 20 November 2019, our vice-president David Greene, and Law Society staff, attended the launch of a special edition of the Law in Transition journal, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) flagship publication about the latest trends and initiatives in legal reform across the region. The special edition includes articles and illustrative case studies, showing how EBRD lawyers deliver knowledge, innovation and impact.

Panelists included EBRD general counsel Marie-Anne Birken, who spoke about EBRD’s commitment to the rule of law, promoting good governance, fostering the development of sound legislation and facilitating access to justice.

Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) general counsel Heikki Cantell highlighted the role of lawyers in seeking creative and innovative solutions on issues like climate change.

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) general counsel Katherine Meighan shared IFAD’s work in trying to tackle gender inequality since women are major contributors to agriculture and rural economies but face numerous challenges that men do not, like the right to own land.

There was a strong message that lawyers must not be complacent about gender equality, and emphasis on the importance of leadership in pushing the issue forward.