Create a healthy drinking culture: JLD launches guidance

To mark Dry January the JLD has launched guidance on creating a healthy alcohol culture in the legal profession.

The guidance has recommendations for firms, organisations and individuals, including suggestions for networking activities that do not focus on alcohol, tips for negotiating with caterers and alternative labels for events instead of “drinks”. It also covers why addressing the drinking culture is important, including health benefits, reduction in bullying and harassment incidents, promoting diversity and inclusion, and increasing productivity.

Author of the guidance, Law Society Council member for the JLD Laura Uberoi, reports:

“Our intention is not to stop people drinking alcohol altogether – that is a choice for individuals. Instead, it is promoting awareness and creating opportunities to foster a healthier, more inclusive approach to work-related activities. Changing drinking habits and taking responsibility for not getting drunk is left to the individual. However, as a profession, there is a collective responsibility to make positive change and choice easier for our members, clients and intermediaries.”

The guidance follows the work of the JLD and former Council member, Kayleigh Leonie, on the mental health and wellbeing of junior lawyers, including an annual survey that highlighted that alcohol is a contributing factor to mental ill-health in the legal profession.

To celebrate the launch of the guidance, the JLD will only be serving alcohol-free drinks at its events during January 2020.

Further information about the JLD’s booze culture campaign and the guidance can be found here.

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