European Law Academy announces the Young Lawyers Contest

The Academy of European Law (ERA) is holding two contests at the ERA conference centre, Trier, Germany on 13-14 February 2020 and 4-5 February 2021.

The competition will bring future lawyers from different European countries together at a time when you are undergoing entry level training to enable you to:

  • share common values
  • exchange new experiences
  • discuss new perspectives in areas of common interest

Building a genuine European culture and fostering valuable synergies among legal professionals from different member states will contribute to strengthening the areas of freedom, security and justice in the EU.


Trainees and newly qualified lawyers from countries participating in the justice programme of the European Union are eligible to enter this competition.

Applicants from countries not belonging to the justice programme can also apply, but you will have to bear your own travel, catering and accommodation costs.

Since the UK is not taking part in the justice programme, junior lawyers from the UK can apply but you will have to pay for your own travel, catering and accommodation.

Eligibility conditions


Florence Hartmann
Head of Business Law
Academy of European Law

The Young Lawyers Contest is supported by the CCBE and the Warsaw Bar Association.

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