Is your firm attractive to junior lawyers?

Kayleigh Leonie speaks to Hilda-Georgina Kwafo-Akoto about what makes firms attractive to junior lawyers.

This podcast covers what law students should be considering about a firm when they are applying for training contracts and how to effectively research a firm.

Hilda-Georgina shares her top three tips with those applying for training contracts.

Read Hilda’s blog Is your firm attractive for junior lawyers?

Speakers:Kayleigh and Hilda

Hilda-Georgina Kwafo-Akoto is a trainee solicitor who will be qualifying in September 2019.

She is a professional ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors and a regular contributor to the Lawyer Portal. She writes blogs on the legal and commercial issues in the fashion, music and sport sectors.

Kayleigh Leonie has undertaken research, written articles and published best practice guidance on supporting the wellbeing of junior lawyers on behalf of the Law Society.

Kayleigh holds regular roundtables for employers to share best practice on supporting wellbeing in the workplace. Kayleigh is a solicitor specialising in employment law and a trustee of LawCare.

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