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SRA: Corporate strategy 2020 – 2023

The proposals

The consultation sought views on the SRA’s new corporate strategy which sets out its priorities for the period from 2020 to 2023.

The objectives of the consultation were:

  • setting and maintaining high professional standards for solicitors and law firms
  • supporting the adoption of legal technology
  • building the understanding of emerging opportunities and challenges for the legal sector

Our view

We’ve had the opportunity to read the Law Society’s response and are broadly in agreement.

We believe the SRA should concentrate on:

  • setting high professional standards for solicitors and law firms to ensure the protection of users of legal services
  • forming policies and regulations based on well informed research (by engaging with the users of legal services and those it regulates on the issues they are facing) to ensure a trust in solicitors by the general public and users of legal services, and the delivery by the solicitor of high-level services
  • in providing more flexibility in its regulations, the SRA have a responsibility to ensure that they’re transparent in forming these regulations and sufficient clarity is given to those that must abide by these regulations

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