Maximising performance and protecting your wellbeing in a 24/7 constantly connected world

Kayleigh Leonie talks to Laura Willis about digital wellbeing and balance within the legal sector and the trend towards firms supporting their staff to use their digital technology in a healthy and balanced way.


Kayleigh Leonie 

This podcast covers the benefits of using digital technology in a controlled way and how lawyers and support staff can ensure their wellbeing and work life balance is not compromised by work in an ‘always on’ world.

Laura Willis will be presenting a webinar Thriving at work and at home in a 24/7 connected world at 12.30pm on Wednesday 23 October 2019 . Book your place now and don’t miss the opportunity to ask your questions during the live broadcast.

Laura Willis


Laura Willis is co-founder of Shine Offline, a digital wellbeing consultancy helping businesses to ensure they have a healthy digital culture that supports their staff. They help to ensure their staff’s digital devices are enhancing their ability to do their jobs.

Kayleigh has undertaken research, written articles and published best practice guidance on supporting the wellbeing of junior lawyers on behalf of the Law Society. Kayleigh holds regular roundtables for employers to share best practice on supporting wellbeing in the workplace. Kayleigh is a solicitor specialising in employment law and a trustee of LawCare.

Listen to the podcast:
Listen to “How lawyers and colleagues can maximise performance and protect their wellbeing in a 24/7 constantly connected world".

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