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Young Citizens, an education charity working in primary and secondary schools to help educate, inspire and motivate young people, is seeking volunteers to assist with their programme of events and initiatives.

Young Citizens ’ vision is to promote a fair and inclusive society based on a strong and secure democracy, in which every person achieves their full potential as an active citizen, both personally and within their communities.

Legal Experts in Schools (formerly Lawyers in Schools)

Legal Experts in Schools partners law firms, barrister chambers and in-house legal teams with groups of young people to help them to understand the UK legal system. Alongside developing students’ knowledge of their rights and responsibilities, the format of the programme allows volunteers to have a lasting impact on students’ employability skills such as communication and critical thinking.

Over the course of six, 1-hour sessions, legal professionals volunteer with small groups of students, usually aged 14-15, using specially created resources, to facilitate debate around engaging topics like human rights and social media. By taking part in the programme young people gain an understanding of the law and how it relates to their lives. Working in small groups with the volunteers also helps students to learn more about the legal profession and the world of work.

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Legal Workshops

Legal Workshops provide young people with an in-depth understanding of different areas of the law. Legal professionals spend a half–day volunteering with small groups of students - usually aged 14-15 - using specially created resources to facilitate debate and discussion on areas such as migration, social media and human rights. As well as developing their knowledge, students strengthen key skills such as group work, critical thinking and public speaking.

The workshops are led by Young Citizens facilitators who run whole class quizzes and discussions before handing over to volunteers to run breakout activities. These sessions are normally held at a company office, giving students the added benefit of experiencing a professional working environment first-hand. This can be incredibly powerful in helping to raise young people’s aspirations and boosting social mobility.

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Although young people are the main beneficiaries of the programmes, volunteers also benefit from taking part. As well as being an enjoyable, rewarding and fun experience, volunteers also strengthen key skills such as listening and facilitation and also develop an understanding of the issues that affect young people. Volunteers receive a comprehensive training session beforehand and a set of detailed, high-quality volunteer notes before each session they participate in.

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Young Citizens is always looking for ways to engage young people in the law, whether it’s through their Mock Trial Competitions or their SmartLaw school subscription service, which provides teachers with over 25hrs of lesson plans.

They are currently working on some new proposals to support legal professionals to run activities with young people in schools. If you are interested in giving your time and expertise to help young people from your community, then complete the registration form here.

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