Lawyers with disabilities

About the Lawyers with Disabilities Division

The Law Society is committed to promoting inclusion in the legal profession.

Members of the Lawyers with Disabilities Division come from a wide range of backgrounds and include law students, retired solicitors, paralegals, law lecturers, practising solicitors and their allies.

Members have a wide range of disabilities that affect them to varying degrees, including visual and other sensory impairments, impaired mobility and less immediately apparent disabilities, such as epilepsy, dyslexia and mental health issues.

The Lawyers with Disabilities Division was launched in January 2009, following on from 20 successful years as the Group for Solicitors with Disabilities.

What does the Lawyers with Disabilities Division do?

Lawyers with Disabilities promotes equal opportunities for people with disabilities within the legal profession.

The division encourages solicitors to use their experiences and expertise to support aspiring solicitors or colleagues seeking to progress in the legal sector.

We help members secure work placements and training contracts and we support people with disabilities to access legal services and facilities.

We provide an opportunity for those working in the legal sector to make their voice heard to the Law Society, local law societies, the profession, government and other policy makers.

We lobby for legislation to protect members’ rights.

Why should I join?

Engage with the Law Society on matters of inclusion. Membership of the Lawyers with Disabilities Division is free, and is open to all solicitors and their allies.

Members benefit from:

  • specialised events and training
  • networking opportunities
  • a shared platform to exchange views and further mutual interests
  • regular e-newsletters and updates
  • a one-to-one mentoring programme

Join the Lawyers with Disabilities Division

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