Bi, trans and non-binary intersectionality: a parallel journey to acceptance

To mark Trans Day of Visibility 2021, the Law Society, Global Butterflies and the London Bisexual Network hosted a panel on the intersectionality between being trans, non-binary and bisexual.

Being trans or non-binary is a gender identity, not a sexual orientation. This means that a person can be trans or non-binary and also identify as straight, lesbian, gay or bisexual.

The bisexual, trans and non-binary communities often share similar experiences. There is often a lack of acceptance and awareness of being trans, non-binary or bisexual from the cis, straight, lesbian and gay communities. This panel explored these intersections and considered how the communities can work together to be better allies.

Speakers considered their own experiences of being trans or non-binary and bisexual.

The event was introduced by president of the Law Society, I. Stephanie Boyce, and moderated by co-chair of the London Bisexual Network, Sian Jones. The event was well attended, with over 80 attendees.


  • Emma Cusdin (Global Butterflies)
  • Danni Davies (Latham & Watkins)
  • Luke Williams (The Law Society and BPP)

The London Bisexual Network is a professional network for bisexual people and allies working in London. Global Butterflies was established in 2015 to bring awareness of trans and non-binary issues to the business sector.

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