Home and away: international Pride

To mark Pride 2020, we spoke with lawyers across the globe about their experiences, Pride celebrations, and their inspirations, challenges and thoughts.

Under the theme of ‘home and away’, these discussions show the vast, colourful and unique experiences of members of the LGBT+ community across the world and, equally, the very individualised experiences of living – and celebrating the Pride season – through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heather Capell Bramble

Our first podcast is a discussion with Heather Capell Bramble, who lives in the United States.

Heather Capell Bramble is a seasoned attorney and senior executive with almost 20 years of legal and management experience in government, private law firms and politics.

She is currently senior corporate counsel for global product, and food safety and compliance at Amazon.com.

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Tinashe Chipendo

Tinashe Chipendo shares his experiences of living and working as a lawyer in Manchester, and also explores the experiences of LGBT+ people in Zimbabwe.

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Allan Wernham

Allan Wernham is the managing director for Scotland at CMS and is a partner in the real estate team. After spending time in both Edinburgh and London offices, Allan now lives in Glasgow with his husband, Chris.

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Naosuke Fujita and Alexander Dmitrenko

Naosuke and Alexander are two of the co-founders of Lawyers for LGBT & Allies Network (LLAN), an organisation working to eliminate discrimination against LGBT+ people in Japan. They share their experiences and how they celebrate Pride.

Listen to Naosuke and Alexander's podcast

Brett Hearnden and Peter Dernbach

Brett and Peter share their experiences of working as LGBT+ legal professionals in Australia and Taiwan.

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