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Our LGBT History Month 2021

For LGBT History Month 2021, we worked with our LGBT+ Lawyers Division to release a variety of content to highlight diverse perspectives, raise awareness, share learning and promote inclusion.

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We had the pleasure of working with members of the profession to discuss personalised experiences of being a senior leader and a junior lawyer, explored the intersectionality between faith and sexuality and offered suggestions to colleagues and employers on being better allies among much more.

In case you missed anything throughout the month, take a look below.

Inspiration through the ages

Members of our LGBT+ Lawyers Division Committee profiled four people throughout history who were members of, or allies to, the LGBT+ community and have had a positive impact on the legal profession.

Read inspiration through the ages

Introduction to asexuality

Katie Lewis gave us an introduction to asexuality and offered ways to be better allies to asexual people.

Read introduction to asexuality

The intersectionality between faith and the LGBT+ community

Imogen Hamblin, member of our LGBT+ Lawyers Division Committee, explores two facets of her identity – her faith and her sexuality.

Read the intersectionality between faith and the LGBT+ community

Coming out: my journey as a junior lawyer

It can be a daunting experience to come out at work and an incredibly personal decision to make. In this article, Justin Farrance, trainee at Allen and Overy, shares his journey.

Read coming out: my journey as a junior lawyer

Reflections on trying to be an LGBTQ+ ally at work

Allies are an important ingredient in progressing equality for marginalised groups. Morgan Wolfe reflects on her allyship and discusses the value of allies at work.

Read reflections on trying to be an LGBTQ+ ally at work

LGBT+ and mental health

Keith Winestein shares his personal experience with his mental health and how his life has been impacted by discrimination. He also offers suggestions to peers and employers alike to be supportive and promote positive wellbeing.

Read LGBT+ and mental health

Bullying and harassment: LGBT+ perspective

Speakers discuss bullying and harassment from an LGBT+ perspective including how these types of behaviours present themselves in the workplace and how both colleagues and employers can be supportive allies and positively contribute to more inclusive environments.

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Law Society Gazette features for LGBT+ History Month

Identity and authenticity

Kira Wilkinson shares her thoughts on authenticity at work and how firms can create safe spaces to encourage and embrace diverse identities.

Read identity and authenticity

Intersectional identities and inclusion

Netanya Clixby discusses the intersectionality between identities, specifically race and sexuality, and how firms can better support diversity and promote inclusion.

Read intersectional identities and inclusion

I’m an LGBT+ lawyer

Eifion Morris talks us through his journey to leadership and his experiences of being an LGBT+ lawyer.

Read I'm an LGBT+ lawyer

Supporting LGBT+ clients

Robin White offers helpful advice on supporting LGBT+ clients including suggestions to individuals and firms on promoting diversity and inclusion from within.

Read supporting LGBT+ clients

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