Annual general meeting for Law Society members, October 2020

We hereby give you notice under Bye-Law 19(1) that the annual general meeting (AGM) of the members of the Law Society will be held on Wednesday 14 October 2020 at 2.30pm.

By resolution of Council under Bye-Law 26, this meeting does not need to take place at a stated location. It's planned that the meeting will take place remotely.

If you're planning to attend, email and we will send you a simple registration form to complete in advance with your name, contact details, and (if you wish to vote) SRA number.

The order of business

The president, Simon Davis, will take the chair in accordance with Bye-Law 29. The business of the meeting will be as stated in Bye-Law 20(1):

(a) The chair shall be taken under Bye-Law 29 and the notice convening the meeting taken as read

(b) Approval of the minutes of the 2019 AGM (which are taken as read)

The meeting will be asked to approve the minutes of the AGM held on 4 July 2019. The minutes have been published on our website.

(c) Declaration of members elected to the Council

The names of candidates nominated for election to the Council are printed in Appendix A to this notice.

In 11 of the constituencies where vacancies arise the number of candidates does not exceed the number of vacancies, and so no ballot is necessary.

For five seats a ballot is being held, and in two further seats no candidate had come forward by the close of nominations.

The five constituencies where ballots are being held are:

  • 3 - Holborn
  • 5 – West London
  • 8 – City of Westminster
  • 20 – Mid and West Wales
  • 22 – Coventry and Warwickshire

Voting papers and emails are being sent by Civica (formerly Electoral Reform Services) to electors in these constituencies. The results of the ballots will be announced at the AGM.

In two constituencies – No 24 Wolverhampton and Staffordshire and No 31 Yorkshire – no candidate had been nominated by the last date for nominations.

Nomination committees are being convened in these constituencies in accordance with Bye-Law 64 to nominate a candidate, who will be deemed to be duly elected. The names of the candidates so nominated will also be announced at the AGM.

(d) Reception of the annual report of the Council

Our annual report and consolidated financial statements for the year ended 31 October 2019 are available online.

In current circumstances, the annual report and accounts, along with other papers for the meeting, are being made available in electronic form only.

The President will move –


That the Annual Report of the Council be received.

(e) Approval of the accounts signed by the auditors

The chair of the Board will move –


That the accounts signed by the auditors be approved

(f) Business introduced by the Council shall be taken

The President will move –


That the amended text of the Bye-Laws of the Society (as attached at Appendix C), which gives effect to reforms to Council proposed by the Council Membership Committee and approved by Council on 8 September 2020, be approved.

(g) Motions received under Bye-Law 18(1), the text of which has been published under Bye-Law 19(2), shall be considered

James Kitching will move –


That Bye-Laws 52, 53 and 82 of the Society be amended as set out in Appendix D for the reasons contained in the statement which accompanies it.

This motion has the support of thirty members of the Society

(h) No other business has been notified

At the conclusion of the meeting, the president will invest his successor with the president’s badge of office.

The vice president will likewise invest his successor with the vice president’s badge of office and the deputy vice president will invest her successor with the deputy vice president’s badge of office.

The Law Society
15 September 2020

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