Preliminary notice of Annual General Meeting 2019

The Annual General Meeting of members of the Law Society will be held at the Law Society's Hall on Thursday 4 July 2019.

Bye-Law 20 provides that the business at an Annual General Meeting shall be as follows and shall be taken in the order listed:

  • The Chair shall be taken under Bye-Law 29.
  • Approval of the minutes of the previous general meeting.
  • Declaration of persons elected as members of the Council.
  • Reception of the Annual Report of the Council.
  • Approval of the Accounts signed by the Auditors (published on the website in summary form).
  • Any business introduced by the Council.
  • Appropriate motions under Bye-Law 18(1), the text of which has been published under Bye-Law 19(2).
  • Any other business which may, consistent with the Charter and Bye-Laws, be introduced.

The last day by which, in accordance with Bye-Law 18(2), notice of any motion to be moved at the Annual General Meeting, should be received by the Chief executive, The Law Society's Hall, 113 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1PL (DX 56 Lon/Ch Lane) is 5pm on Wednesday 22 May 2019.

Paul Tennant

Chief executive

The Law Society's Hall
113 Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1PL

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