Diversity and inclusion

President’s statement on diversity in the profession

In light of recent events at the University of Exeter, widely reported in the media, Law Society president Joe Egan has made the following statement:

"The Law Society’s mission is to promote the highest professional standards among solicitors and the rule of law.

"We expect all solicitors and aspiring solicitors to meet these high standards.

"We strongly condemn discrimination in all forms.

"Intolerance, bigotry and prejudice are not welcome in our profession.

"Like many other sectors, historically there have been barriers for people from diverse backgrounds seeking to enter the legal profession. While we have come a long way, we are aware there is always more work to do.

"We are continuously working to promote diversity within the legal profession and have developed supportive communities for ethnic minority lawyers, women lawyers, LGBT+ lawyers and lawyers with disabilities. We also continue in our efforts to support access to education for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

"Any solicitor who wishes to join a division can find details on our Communities pages.

Anyone who has a complaint regarding discrimination in the workplace should speak in the first instance to their employer and then, if necessary, they can make a complaint to the Solicitors Regulation Authority."

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