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Volunteers wanted for local media panels

After the success of Legal Expert newspaper columns in South Wales, Bradford and Darlington/County Durham, we’re rolling out similar features in the York Press and Western Daily Press.

We’re setting up additional local media panels to help consumers understand the important work solicitors do to assist people in their everyday lives.

We’re looking for solicitors who want to share legal advice around issues such as divorce, child arrangements, domestic abuse, making a will, medical negligence and buying a house.

We’re also keen to offer guidance around issues such as forced marriage, female genital mutilation, stalking, and social media abuse, to name a few. Employment and business law are also on the agenda.

To be on one of our local media panels you need to have:

  • a minimum of four years’ post-qualification experience, and
  • a specialism in a relevant area of law (family, conveyancing, business, wills and probate, personal injury or criminal law)

If you’re a practising solicitor in one of those areas and would like to get involved, email by Friday 23 August.

What you need to do

We plan to roll out a series of monthly Legal Expert columns in the York Press and Western Daily Press looking at the legal dos and don’ts that affect ordinary people, such as making a will, buying a house, getting a divorce or setting up a new business.

We will be asking you to:

  • write short, plain English summaries of legal issues in order to meet media deadlines
  • highlight dos and don’ts around specific issues
  • share information (can be anonymous) on cases you have worked on
  • provide a professional photograph of yourself
  • share the spotlight with other solicitors in your area – the idea is that different people get a chance to contribute on an ongoing basis

Our Communications team will work with you to pull your columns together, edit them for the newspapers, and then liaise on your behalf with editors before publication.

If you’re interested in taking part, email by Friday 23 August with brief details of your level of experience, specialism and where you work, and we’ll be in touch soon. Please provide a telephone number too.

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