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Volunteers wanted for radio broadcasts

Following the success of our monthly regional newspaper columns, we're continuing to drive regular regional radio broadcasts and we’d like more members to get involved.

Our press team makes daily pitches to regional and national radio stations, often working with solicitors in their own locality to raise the profile of the important work they do to assist people in their everyday lives and help consumers understand what constitutes a legal issue and the benefits of a seeking professional advice from a solicitor.

We aim to expand the number of regional broadcasts building on the 165 solicitor speakers we placed across national and regional broadcast in 2020. Radio broadcasts will be set up across England and Wales.

To participate you need to have four years’ post qualification experience and provide details of your specialism. We're especially looking for areas of law which will have wide resonance such as

  • probate
  • family law
  • criminal
  • conveyancing
  • employment

Having said that, the topics legal experts can be asked to cover can include everything from McKenzie friends and pets in wills to challenges thrown up by Brexit or the myriad of legal issues around COVID-19.

What will I have to do?

We're looking for local solicitors who would be happy to speak on a range of topics on local radio stations. This is an excellent opportunity for our members to promote their practice in the area local to them, as well as delving into topical issues facing the public.

For a recent example of a legal expert broadcast, listen to Adele Edwin-Lamerton, a member of our employment law committee, help listeners understand their employment rights during lockdown. Adele’s interview with BBC Radio One’s Newsbeat starts from 4:46.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to be involved email Provide details of your level of experience, your specialism, where you work, and we’ll be in touch soon.