Land Registry launches optional RXC form for requisitions

HM Land Registry has created a form that applicants can use when providing consents or certificates to comply with restrictions in the register.

Land Registry estimates that around 17% of requisitions (requests for information) relate to compliance with a restriction in the register.

In many cases, applicants provide defective consents or certificates and then have difficulties getting these amended by third parties to meet Land Registry’s requirements.

Form RXC aims to make sure that consents and certificates are right the first time.

The form is optional and can be used with most standard form restrictions. It can also be adapted.

How to use form RXC

Form RXC has three main sections that will help you to identify:

  • which restriction the consent or certificate relates to
  • that the person providing the consent or certificate is either:
    • the person specified in the restriction, or
    • entitled to act on their behalf
  • which disposition(s) the consent or certificate relates to

The form includes guidance to help users make sure certificates or consents are clearly and correctly worded.

Form RXC is compatible with the Digital Registration Service.

What this means for conveyancers

Land Registry say that the form will help conveyancers to:

  • explain to third parties what consent or certificate they need to provide
  • avoid requisitions by getting the right consent or certificate first time

Find out more about form RXC on the GOV.UK website

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