Future skills for law

The future of work and the workforce is facing dramatic change driven by technology, globalisation, demographics, social values, and the personal expectations of workforce participants (from millenials through to 'post-retirement' older workers).

According to Deloitte, over the last 15 year, 800,000 jobs have been lost, but nearly 3.5 million new ones have been created. With these new jobs comes the emergence of new industries and the call for new roles and skill-sets within existing industries.

'Once and done' education and career models are dead, while lifelong learning and serial careers are taking off. The days when the majority of workers could expect to spend a career moving up or across the corporate ladder at one company are over.

This Horizon Scanning report questions what this means for the skill-sets of future lawyers and the types of skills these professionals will need to work creatively alongside AI and tech systems.

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