So busy working in your law firm, you don't have time to work on your law firm?

Showcasing their new book Driving Success for Your Law Firm , Eddie Ross, experienced business leader and recent CEO of Quality Solicitors and Sally Holdway, qualified solicitor and previous head of innovation for Quality Solicitors, give a preview of a plan which high street law firms can adopt. 

We have heard this complaint from numerous managing partners, having spent the last several years working with hundreds of high street law firms in the UK. It’s an all-too-common conundrum. If you are a busy lawyer, how do you set aside time to develop and deliver business plans to ensure the future success of your firm? The reality is that there are few law firms with a comprehensive business plan in place.

Nevertheless, most partners in law firms are keen to grow and develop their practices, and may have a vision of where they would like to be in the next five years. Unfortunately (in the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish’.

In Driving Success in Your Law Firm , we provide a framework for managing partners by developing a blueprint which high street law firms can adopt.

The starting point for this plan introduces a new model for the client journey. It focuses on four key stages of clients’ experiences within a firm as they pass through their legal services journey:

  • Attracting - how to acquire potential customers, both individuals and businesses.
  • Convincing - how to convert people or businesses into customers.
  • Delivering - how to implement efficient and optimal processes for the delivery of legal services.
  • Keeping - how to create customer loyalty and maximise future value.

Two supporting themes are key to operating a law firm and facilitating client interaction.

  • Managing - how to run the firm as an efficient and well-managed business.
  • Technology - the opportunities to be gained from applying integrated, end-to-end technology.

Structuring the book in this way allows the reader to pick from the selection of ideas that we propose in each area. There are over 60 individual, stand-alone suggestions for firms to consider. However, we hope the book will be applied in a more holistic way as the strength of the plan lies in embracing it in its entirety. Driving Success in Your Law Firm illustrates, with practical examples, how a 10 per cent improvement in each of the core areas of the client journey can result in an eventual doubling of profit.

To underpin a successful client journey redesign, there has to be a focus on client needs – in other words, viewing legal services through the ‘client lens’, adopting the client’s point of view. This strategy helps firms differentiate their offering, win more work, and retain more clients. Throughout the book we provide examples of how the ‘client lens’ can be applied in every law firm.

The book features 13 ‘guest speaker’ items written by solicitors and other professionals who have generously shared their experiences of implementing the ideas and principles described in the book.

Shared experience, a willingness to embrace change, and supporting and collaborating with each other will ensure a bright future for the profession.

Driving Success in Your Law Firm: Revolutionising the client journey
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Eddie Ross is an experienced business leader, strategist, and specialist in organisational change. He has held a number of senior multinational leadership and consultancy roles and he was CEO of Quality Solicitors from 2014 to 2016, where he developed his ideas about the great opportunities available to law firms ready to think differently.

Sally Holdway is a qualified solicitor and her previous roles include director of change programmes at a top five UK conveyancing firm, and head of innovation for Quality Solicitors. She has also spent seven years working in high street law firms which gives her an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the profession.

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