The magnificent seven: top tips for business development

David Yeoward, a consultant with Law Society Consulting, outlines his tips, including on planning, devoting time to business development activities, and ongoing work

  1. Recognise the importance of business development: chargeable work and business development are mutually reinforcing endeavours; success in one, promotes success in the other.
  2. Business development takes time - if you are struggling to find time for business development, you may need to hand over tasks to others, create time during the day when you are not to be disturbed, and better plan how each day will be used.
  3. Agree as a team and a practice how much time each senior fee-earner will devote to business development and use your time recording system to measure what you treasure.
  4. Develop a personal business development plan based on a series of defined SMART goals which build up to your achieving success in your campaign.
  5. Involve others in your plans and make time to learn about theirs so that you can share what works and what doesn’t and keep each other motivated when the going gets tough.
  6. Recognise effort and celebrate success.
  7. Never give up - keep working at your business development until it becomes a habit.


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