Conversation with a Judge: new alternative to Judicial Work Shadowing Scheme

The Judicial Work Shadowing Scheme (JWSS) has been suspended since March 2020 due to coronavirus restrictions.

Conversation with a Judge

In December 2020, the Judicial Office announced an alternative scheme called ‘Conversation with a Judge’. This scheme will take place remotely. It will give lawyers the opportunity to talk to a judge to understand their role and gain some of the advantages of shadowing, while the JWSS is on hold.

The new scheme cannot cover the range and breadth of JWSS, so meetings should be kept focused and participants should prepare for their conversations in advance.

Find out more and register for the new scheme

Judicial Mentoring Scheme

The Judicial Mentoring Scheme (JMS) is also planned to restart, and should be available for all applicants who have completed either the JWSS or the Conversation with a Judge scheme. For further details see the Judicial Careers Portal.

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