JAC shares advice on applying to become a judge

The Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) has shared some advice on how to apply to become a judge.

Judges walking into court

Read our support on becoming a judge

Observing court hearings

The JAC encourages candidates to observe court hearings as part of preparing for a judicial application.

If you wish to observe a Cloud Video Platform (CVP) hearing, contact your local court or tribunal centre. Ask for confirmation of upcoming CVP hearings on the basis that you wish to join as a member of the public.

If the case is not private, the parties will be asked to give their permission for observers to join the hearing. 

HM Courts and Tribunal Service should give you access to the remote hearing details and PIN.

Find out more about joining a CVP hearing

Preparing for qualifying tests

Combined qualifying test

The Judicial Appointments Commission will not hold the combined qualifying test in 2021.

The JAC is seeking volunteers to help test selection exercise tools. Signing up as a mock candidate is a good way to get to know the selection process.

Volunteer as a mock candidate

Reading materials

To get an idea of the type of questions and topics covered in assessments, you may want to read:

Other documents that contain useful information include:

You do not need read these cover to cover, but they can help to put yourself in a judge’s shoes.

If you'd like to know more, read the JAC's guidance on the application process.

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