City Christmas Quiz 2018 - the answers

Congratulations to Hogan Lovells’ Katharine Crossman, winner of this year’s quiz. Happy New Year and thanks to everyone who entered.

1. This year marked the centenary of the Armistice. What is the name of Peter Jackson’s documentary featuring restored first world war footage?

A. Remember Them

B. They Shall Not Grow Old

C. First World War in Colour

2. Dominic Raab resigned his position as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union over the withdrawal agreement. Who succeeded Raab as Brexit secretary?

A. Nigel Farage

B. Boris Johnson

C. Jacob Rees-Mogg

D. Stephen Barclay

3. An eight-year-old girl found a pre-Viking-era object in the Vidostern lake in Sweden. What was the relic?

A. An axe

B. A sword

C. A helmet

D. A crossbow

4. US comic book writer Stan Lee died last month aged 95. But which of the following was NOT a creation of his Marvel Comics?

A. Spider-Man

B. X-Men

C. Captain America

D. The Incredible Hulk

5. In June 12 boys went exploring in Thailand's Chiang Rai province with their football coach - and ended up trapped deep inside a cave. What was Elon Musk’s plan to free the boys?

A. A hot air balloon

B. A submarine

C. Highly trained team of beavers

D. The Tesla Roadster

6. The government introduced a sugar tax in April. How much was raised between April and October this year from the new tax?

A. £94m

B. £153.8m

C. £207.9m

7.What was the Collins Dictionary’s Word of The Year for 2018?

A. Single-use

B. Gaslight

C. Gammon

8.During this year’s FIFA Football World Cup, how many goals did Harry Kane score to win the Golden Boot?

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

9.The Law Society secured a landmark win after the appeal court ruled against SFO in the ENRC case. What was the point of this intervention?

A. To protect legal professional privilege

B. To protect ENRC

10.Who won Woman Lawyer of the Year at this year’s Excellence Awards?

Janet Legrand QC (Hon), DLA Piper

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