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City Christmas quiz answers

Thanks to everyone who entered our 2020 Christmas Quiz. Here are the answers in bold:

1. In October a rare green puppy was born in Italy. What was the puppy named?




2. President elect Joe Biden will start his term in office in January, but how many electoral college votes does it take to win the US Presidential election?



The majority in-person votes (postal votes are fake news)

3. In November, Lewis Hamilton won a joint record seven Formula One world championships, but with whom does he share the record?

Michael Schumacher

Ayrton Senna

Sebastian Vettel

4. Tiger King was a lockdown TV highlight for many earlier in the year, but which Oscar winner has signed up to play Joe Exotic in a upcoming mini-series?

Matthew McConaughey

Joaquin Phoenix

Nicolas Cage

5. In November a couple were left a collection of what type of toys, that fetched more than £250,000 at auction?


Star Wars


6. Who portrayed Margaret Thatcher in season 4 of The Crown?

Gillian Anderson

Gillian McKeith

Gillian Jacobs

7. In October Arsenal FC announced they were releasing their much-loved mascot, but what is their name?

Chrissy Cannon

Gary Gooner

Gunnersaurus Rex

8. A Dutch journalist infiltrated an EU defence video conference, but how did he do it?

He impersonated Angela Merkel

The Dutch defence minister accidentally tweeted part of the password

He held Zoom’s CEO hostage until he was granted access

9. A metro train in in Spijkenisse, near Rotterdam, crashed through the barriers at the end of the track, but was saved by what?

A telephone box

A giant sculpture of a whale tale

An ice-cream van

10. In appreciation for NHS workers and carers, households across the UK took to their doorsteps for what?

A nationwide round of applause

Lighting candles

A collective singalong 

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