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City summer quiz answers

Thank you to everyone who tackled our summer quiz.

See the answers below.

1. In April ITV aired Quiz, a dramatic retelling of the infamous Who Wants to Be A Millionaire coughing scandal. What rank in the army was perpetrator Charles Ingram?

a) Major

b) Colonel

c) Brigadier

2. How much did Capt Tom Moore - now Sir Tom Moore - raise for the NHS by walking lengths of his garden?

a) £12.8m

b) £22.8m

c) £32.8m

3. Charli Lello hatched what from eggs she bought in Waitrose?

a) Chickens

b) Ducks

c) Swans

4. The first US woman to complete a spacewalk in 1984 has now also become the first woman to travel where?

a) The lowest known point in the ocean

b) The summit of Mount Everest

c) The planet Mars

5. On 17 June, professional football in England resumed after a 100-day hiatus. Which team played in both the last game before suspension of the season, and the first game to resume it?

a) Sheffield United

b) Aston Villa

c) Leicester City

6. Dame Vera Lynn has died aged 103. What record did she break in May?

a) She became the oldest artist to get a top 40 album in the UK

b) She was the oldest artist to win a Grammy

c) She was the oldest artist to win a BRIT award

7. Kurt Cobain's MTV Unplugged guitar was recently sold, becoming the most expensive guitar ever sold at auction. How much did it sell for?

a) $600,000

b) $6m

c) $60m

8. Which teleconferencing company made $27m between February and April?

a) Zoom

b) Skype

c) Microsoft Teams

9. There were calls for Dominic Cummings to resign after he was accused of breaking lockdown rules. Which castle did he drive to?

a) Dover Castle

b) Leeds Castle

c) Barnard Castle

10. The SRA has announced it will be going ahead with the SQE in September 2021. What does SQE stand for?

a) Solicitors Quizzical Entrance

b) Serious Questionnaire Experience

c) Solicitors Qualifying Exam

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