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City summer quiz answers

Thanks to everyone who entered our 2021 summer quiz. Here are the answers

1. Who won the award for best actress in a leading role at this year’s Oscars?

i. Viola Davis
ii. Frances McDormand
iii. Andra Day

2. In September 2020, the government launched a public information campaign to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. What was the campaign slogan?

i. Hands. Space. Face.
ii. Hands. Face. Space
iii. Hands. Space. Trace. 

3.  In January 2021, which social media site banned then-president of the United States, Donald Trump, from their platform?

i. Twitter
ii. Facebook
iii. Twitter and Facebook

4. In the first lockdown a herd of wild goats made headlines after they took over which Welsh town?

i. Llandudno
ii. Llanrwst
iii. Llandrindod

5.  In April, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, passed away. What age was he?

i. 98
ii. 99
iii. 97

6. In February, a lawyer from Texas was left flummoxed when he discovered his face was appearing as an animal during a court session on Zoom. What was the animal?

i. Rabbit
ii. Cat
iii. Frog

7. This year Disney released a live-action adaptation of 101 Dalmatians called Cruella, a prequel based on the 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians. Who wrote this novel?

i. Dodie Smith
ii. Noel Streatfield
iii. Lillian Beckwith 

8. In June, England won 2-0 against Germany in the last 16 of the UEFA Euros 2020.  This was England’s first victory over Germany in a tournament knockout game since:

i. 1966
ii. 1962
iii. 1968

9. Marks & Spencer initiated legal proceedings against Aldi, the German supermarket chain, alleging that the likeness of a particular cake infringed upon M&S’ intellectual property rights for their ‘Colin the Caterpillar’ cake. What was Aldi’s cake called?

i. Clyde the Caterpillar
ii. Curly the Caterpillar
iii. Cuthbert the Caterpillar

10. Former speaker of the house John Bercow defected to which political party in June?

i. Liberal Democrats
ii. Labour
iii. Conservatives

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