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Pro bono under coronavirus (COVID-19): summary of guidance

Valerie Robertson, policy adviser at the Law Society, summarises the key pro bono guidance available for City firms on coronavirus (COVID-19).

National response to pro bono

LawWorks has facilitated roundtable discussions to look at the national pro bono response.

For more information on the work of the roundtables, email James Sandbach.

Finding pro bono work as a law firm

Your firm is encouraged to connect with networks that enable coordinated pro bono responses.

This will reduce the rate of individual approaches and allow for multi-firm responses wherever possible.

All firms are invited to submit their details on ProBonoTogether to keep up to date of initiatives, regional networks and more that may be relevant to your firm's location(s) or areas of expertise.

Finding pro bono work for your firm's trainee solicitors

You’re most likely to learn of suitable opportunities through coordinated efforts across pro bono networks.

This might also allow you to share the cost of any external training and supervision that your trainees need in order to do specific pro bono work.

Virtual pro bono opportunities

LawWorks is offering unique opportunities for lawyers who want to contribute to legal advice and support during the crisis.

You may also want to visit Pro Bono Opportunities on a regular basis to see what other pro bono opportunities are available.

Furloughed staff volunteering

LawWorks has produced specific guidance on furloughed staff volunteering and resources supporting clinics to go remote.

More information

For more information on pro bono support during the crisis, see our guidance on coronavirus and pro bono.

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