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Civil and Commercial Mediation

Got an issue with your business or your tenants? Resolve it without going to court.

Law Society Civil and Commercial Mediation is the quality mark for expert mediators. Mediators are trained and qualified to help people agree a solution between them without going to court. This can save time and money.

Civil and commercial mediators can help in areas like:

  • company and business disputes
  • conflict resolution
  • conflict in the workplace
  • contested probate and inheritance claims
  • landlord and tenant disputes
  • property issues
  • boundary and neighbour disputes

About Law Society Civil and Commercial Mediation accreditation

All Law Society Civil and Commercial mediation specialists go through rigorous examination and testing to demonstrate that they have a high level of knowledge, skills and experience helping people to resolve their legal issues.

Solicitors and legal executives (legally qualified people who work with solicitors) can be accredited.