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Clinical Negligence

When medical procedures go wrong, you want the best legal help fighting your corner.

Law Society Clinical Negligence accreditation is the quality mark for legal experts who can help when a health care professional (for example a doctor, surgeon, nurse, therapist or dentist) has provided care that was below an acceptable standard.

Our qualified experts can offer legal advice on:

  • medical misconduct and malpractice
  • whether you have a case to claim compensation
  • dental injury
  • permanent injury as a result of treatment
  • a delay or failure to diagnose a condition
  • a delay or failure to treat a condition
  • treatments that go wrong
  • what to do when wrong treatment is used
  • when the patient has not given their consent (agreement to the treatment)

Clinical negligence covers NHS and privately funded hospitals. It also covers defective medical products, for example implants or drugs.

About Law Society Clinical Negligence accreditation

All Law Society Clinical Negligence legal experts go through rigorous examination and testing to demonstrate that they have a high level of knowledge, skills and experience in dealing with clinical negligence cases.

Solicitors and legal executives (legally qualified people who work with solicitors) can be accredited.


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