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Criminal litigation

When you've been charged with an offence, you want the best possible representation.

Law Society Criminal Litigation Accreditation is the quality mark for criminal lawyers. Our legal experts can offer advice and representation on all areas of criminal law, including:

  • what to do when you've been charged with an offence
  • when you've been caught speeding
  • when you're facing a ban
  • when you've been wrongfully arrested
  • representation at a police station
  • representation at a magistrates court

Law Society Criminal Litigation experts are committed to:

  • treat you fairly
  • be polite and professional
  • respond promptly to your enquiries
  • tell you about any problems as soon as they arise
  • ask for your feedback on their service

About Law Society Criminal Litigation

All Law Society Criminal Litigation legal experts go through rigorous examination and testing to demonstrate that they have a high level of knowledge, skills and experience in criminal litigation.

Solicitors and legal executives (legally qualified people who work with solicitors) can be accredited.