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'Article 50 in 50 seconds' video explains Brexit court case

2 December 2016

A short video setting out article 50 in 50 seconds is intended to break out the key issues for next week's Brexit court action and the role of the courts in interpreting British law.

Released today by the Law Society of England and Wales, the video tackles head on confusion over the role the court case will play in the process of the UK leaving the European Union.

'Brexit has raised important questions about UK law and constitutional processes, and our courts are absolutely the right place to resolve these questions,' said Law Society president Robert Bourns.

'We've produced this video to help people understand what the court will consider, what decision it might make, and why a legal question arises when the Brexit decision has already been made in the referendum.

'Hopefully this will help calm the misapprehension that the court will somehow overturn the referendum decision, and give people confidence that we are witnessing the normal operation of our constitution.'

The Law Society has previously raised concerns over the tone of public debate around the court case, driven by parts of the media and some politicians.

'Our fair and independent court system is respected worldwide, and personal attacks on judges for doing their job and answering the legal question they were asked is deeply troubling," said Robert Bourns.

'Such attacks undermine the rule of law, and threaten the rights, freedoms, and guarantee of equality before the law that protect us all.

'We hope that the video will help inform the public, and encourage a more constructive and informed debate, whatever the outcome of next week's case.'


Notes to editors

Watch the full video on the Law Society website

Also available on YouTube

A copy of the video for organisations wishing to reproduce it is available on request, or it can be embedded from YouTube.

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