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Law Society responds to Jeffrey report on criminal advocacy

7 May 2014

The Jeffrey report, undertaken at the request of the Lord Chancellor, reviews the current state of the market and draws some conclusions on the challenges facing the legal professions involved in the supply of criminal advocacy services.

Sir Bill has presented a set of recommendations to the professions, the regulators, the Legal Aid Agency and the government for consideration.

Law Society president Nicholas Fluck said:

'The report lays down a number of challenges that we will, for our part, seek to address. There is a need to focus on standards and training.

'We will be interested in pursuing Sir Bill's suggestion for discussions with regulators over the most appropriate form of training and continuing education for advocates. We welcome the suggestion to explore with the SRA a clarification of the professional responsibilities of solicitors when assigning advocates and in advising on pleas.

'The report highlights the significant economic trends affecting our members practising criminal law. We will continue to do all we can to support solicitor advocates and equip our members to face both the challenges and the opportunities these trends and this report poses for solicitors.'

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