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Interactive criminal advocacy training courses

28 October 2016

The Law Society wants to support solicitors in providing high-quality, criminal advocacy. We have therefore collaborated with the City Law School and the Youth Justice Legal Centre to develop structured training courses tailored for our members who practise in the criminal courts.

Essential Criminal Advocacy

This course will be run in the context of a trial in the Magistrates Court and will include witness handling and cross examination exercises. As requested by practitioners, this one-day course will utilise the Hampel method to enable participants to practise their skills.

Advanced Criminal Advocacy

Aimed at experienced senior practitioners, this course will be run in the context of a Crown Court trial, with delegates being tested on their core witness handling skills in a context that demands a highly technical application of those skills.

Both the above courses will initially be available from February in London and Manchester, but we will respond to demand and add new locations where necessary.

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Youth Court Advocacy

This course will provide essential training for solicitors who will be appearing in the youth court. This is an increasingly well-recognised area of specialism and this course will highlight the differences in knowledge and skills needed for the youth court.

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Advocacy and the vulnerable training

Developed by a pan-professional working group of practitioners led by Judge Rook, this training will help solicitor advocates and barristers strike the balance between advancing their client's case effectively in court while ensuring vulnerable witnesses are not subjected to undue stress. Courses are taking place throughout the UK.

We anticipate that the Ministry of Justice will make this training compulsory for all publicly-funded advocates before they can act in serious sexual offences cases, so book your place now.

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