Immigration Law Committee

Immigration Law Committee

This role of the Immigration Law Committee is:

  • to keep under review and to promote improvements in immigration and asylum law, practice and procedure
  • to review and advise on the role, design and operation of any relevant accreditation schemes.

Who to contact

Committee secretary: Jemima Lovatt
Policy adviser: Anselm Bendict


  • Sharmila Mehta (Chair)
  • Nichola Carter
  • Leslie Chinweze
  • Christopher Cole
  • Anne Earle
  • Annette Elder
  • Ashley Fleming
  • Sonal Ghelani
  • Tony Haque
  • Evelyn Ofori-Koree
  • Barry O'Leary
  • Muhunthan Paramesvaran
  • Joanna Swaney
  • Adrian Seelhoff
  • Robert Sparks
  • Natasha Williams