Appointing an arbitrator

Arbitration is a way for companies and individuals to resolve disputes without going to court. It's:

  • quick
  • private
  • usually cheaper than conventional litigation in the courts

Although it’s best if the parties to a dispute can agree their own arbitrator, this is not always possible.

If they cannot, an independent authority can be named in the agreement as the person to make the appointment.

We can arrange the appointment, in the name of the Law Society president, of an arbitrator to deal with a dispute.

Several appointments are made each year in a range of cases, including:

  • partnership disputes
  • commercial agreements
  • insurance disputes

We can arrange other types of appointments such as mediators, experts, independent solicitors or administrators of estates.

The office of the president is efficient, experienced and fully independent.

How to apply

Read the guidance notes on how to apply (PDF 280 KB) and complete the application form (Word 362 KB).

Include a copy of the agreement which contains the arbitration clause giving the Law Society president the power to appoint.

If the dispute does not involve a document with an arbitration clause, the parties can jointly agree to submit it to arbitration, with the Law Society president named as the appointing authority. We can supply a simple draft agreement for this purpose.

Submit your application by email


The application form contains details of how to pay the appointment fee. The fees are:

Amount in dispute Total fee payable (including VAT)

Below £25,000


£25,001 to £50,000


£50,001 to £100,000


£100,001 to £250,000


Above £250,000


After applying

We aim to identify and appoint an arbitrator within a month of receiving your completed application and the fee.

Once the president’s signature has been applied to the appointment, we’ll send it to the arbitrator and copies will be sent to the parties and their advisers. The parties or their advisers should contact the arbitrator to arrange the arbitration.

You should address all correspondence and enquiries to the arbitration consultant, through the arbitration team, and not to the president. We’ll decline any request for the president to deal with the matter personally.

Contact us

If you have any questions, contact us for more information.

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