Residential Property Accreditation

Discover our Residential Property Accreditation: your key to achieving a seamless, secure and well-informed standing in the world of residential property.

Why choose our accreditation?

  • Display your expertise – use our accreditation to establish your knowledge, ability and expertise in the residential property sector
  • Achieve distinction – stand out from the competition by displaying a trusted quality mark on your practice, demonstrating your dedication to excellence in residential property matters
  • Thorough syllabus – gain an in-depth understanding of the key aspects that are unique to residential conveyancing transactions, anti-money laundering (AML) policies, procedures and controls in the property sector

This quality mark stands for competence and expertise. It has three distinct levels:

Accreditation logo: Dark pink rosette, text reads "Accredited, Residential Property | Law Society"This level addresses the basic key tasks and responsibilities in residential conveyancing transactions and the knowledge required within this area of law.

Accreditation logo: Dark pink rosette, text reads "Accredited, Residential Property | Law Society"The intermediate level is designed for a diverse range of legal professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in residential property matters.

It's ideal for those currently involved in residential property or aspiring to enter this field.

Accreditation logo: Dark pink rosette, text reads "Accredited, Residential Property | Law Society"The advanced accreditation has been designed for experienced solicitors, legal practitioners and individuals who are specialists in the complex area of residential property.

Candidates will need to demonstrate not just a fundamental awareness, but also advanced expertise, in the challenging area of residential conveyancing.

This involves:

  • handling difficult clients and requests
  • handling breaches of contracts
  • understanding the specifics of new construction
  • National House Building Council warranties
  • right-to-buy circumstances


Anyone may apply for and obtain the accreditation, as long as you pass the:
  • exam needed for the level
  • fitness and propriety checks

You do not need to be employed as or qualified as a solicitor.

How to apply

To apply for accreditation, you'll need to:

  • meet the eligibility requirements
  • submit a complete application
  • pass the relevant exam

The accreditation process takes around six to eight weeks.

It may take longer if we receive a large number of applications or if you do not provide us with all the information we need.

Find out how to apply


The cost of accreditation includes an application fee and a membership charge.

We will send you an invoice after we receive your application.

Application Application fee Membership fee
Initial application £131 + VAT £235 + VAT

Other fees Cost
Certificate re-issue £11 + VAT
Appeal £335 + VAT

Application fees are not refundable.

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