Slavery and human trafficking statement for financial year ending 31 October 2019

The Law Society Group, comprising the Law Society as the professional and representational body for solicitors in England and Wales, and the Solicitors Regulation Authority as the independent regulatory body for solicitors in England and Wales ('the group'), supports the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and opposes modern slavery and human trafficking. It is committed to ensuring that such practices have no place within its supply chain or other activities.

Previously, the group reviewed and revised standard terms and conditions for the procurement of goods and services to ensure appropriate contractual provisions are in place. These require suppliers to comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and to have in place appropriate policies and procedures and to take all necessary measures to ensure that nothing relating to dealings with us, or otherwise within a supplier’s business and supply chain, involves slavery or human trafficking. Similar amendments to the group’s standard purchase order terms located on its website have been implemented. Bespoke terms and conditions for non-standard procurement requirements also contain equivalent provisions.

As part of the procurement process, new and existing suppliers are required to provide a copy of their Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement or Policy under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and provide support documentation as part of the Groups Supplier Questionnaire (Due Diligence Questionnaire). We operate a strict procurement process requiring suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and standards, including those that relate to the Modern Slavery Act, as such we expect our suppliers to have suitable policies and processes in place within their own businesses to prevent child labour, modern slavery and human trafficking and cascade those policies to their own suppliers.

For 2019, Procurement has undertaken continuous review of assurance information from existing suppliers and partners and as part of the contract management process, which includes gathering information on modern slavery during contract management meetings and following this up where relevant. Modern slavery forms part of our contract management process and is itemised on the agenda.

We are committed to raising awareness and building on this process in the future. Procurement are developing a reporting structure indicating whether modern slavery practices have been identified in the Law Society business or supply chains. In future years we will use our review meetings with key suppliers to spot check and discuss their processes to ensure these due diligence processes are put into practice.

Paul Tennant, chief executive
The Law Society