We campaign on behalf of our members, the profession and the public on important topics within the legal sector. We are the voice of solicitors, drive excellence in the profession, and safeguard access to justice and the rule of law. Find out more about our campaigns and how you can get involved.

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We’re committed to helping the legal profession to be inclusive, reflecting our diverse society. We encourage law firms to be good employers and to provide a service that is responsive to the needs of all sections of society.

We're promoting the value of solicitors and the benefits of England and Wales as a global centre for legal services.

We drive excellence in the legal profession, in England and Wales and internationally. We’re running a comprehensive programme of work on lawtech. Our charity works to support law and justice.

We are campaigning to improve access to justice for all, regardless of social background or wealth. Ordinary people are finding it more difficult to access justice because of legal aid cuts and other changes.