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About us

  • We’re the independent professional body for solicitors in England and Wales. We’re run by and for our members.


    • are the voice of solicitors
    • drive excellence in the profession
    • safeguard the rule of law
    • work to make sure no-one is above the law
    • protect everyone's right to have access to justice


    • promote England and Wales as the jurisdiction of choice
    • promote the vital role legal services play in our economy
    • work internationally to open up markets for our members
    • defend human rights at home and abroad
    • support members with career opportunities, providing networking events and development training

    How we work

    Solicitors pay their annual practising certificate fee to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). We receive around 30% of the fee to help fund our work. The rest of our funding comes from commercial activities.

    The Law Society Council governs our work. Council members are elected to represent members across England and Wales, including different demographic groups and areas of law.

    We use the expertise of our Council members and around 300 volunteer board and committee members to deliver the advice, support and services our members want.

    What we do for you

    We’re here to help current and future members, supporting you at every stage of your career.

    Read more about what we do for you

    Where we work

    We represent solicitors across England and Wales, with offices in London, Cardiff and Brussels.

    Our relationship managers work across the regions to make sure members can get news, products and services wherever they’re based.

    Find out more about our relationship managers

    Contact us

    If you’d like more information, contact us.