Council constituencies and current members

Council has 97 seats, with 49 members representing 42 geographical constituencies, and 48 members representing work practice and characteristic constituencies.
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Help shape our strategy and business plans, act as an expert legal voice when we speak to the media and make sure our members’ views are reflected when we talk to government about key legislation and reform by standing for election to our Council.

And it’s not just an opportunity to network, raise your profile and help us make sure we provide relevant and valuable support to our members.

Each year, a member of our Council is elected to become our next deputy vice president, before ultimately going on to become the president of the Law Society.

Nominations are open until 10 May. Find out how to stand

We encourage you to contact your Council members with any issues you would like raised at Council meetings.

Geographical constituency seats

Council members in geographical constituency seats:

*The Holborn seat has been disestablished and will be incorporated into the Central London constituency at the 2024 round of elections.

Non-geographical seats

A number of our non-geographical seats, referred to as the work practice and characteristic seats, represent particular organisations of solicitors.

If the executive of the organisation chooses, these seats may be filled by nomination of the executive rather than by election. Other seats are filled by election.

Work practice seats

Council members in work practice seats:

Characteristic seats

Council members in characteristic seats:

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