Corporate responsibility

We’re committed to responsible practices across all our operations.

We strive to continuously improve our own social and environmental impact, and support our members and their firms to further improve theirs.

We’re proud to be a member of the responsible business movement Business in the Community.

Our environmental policy

Our success as an organisation depends on how we manage our environmental impact. We have put in place a formal environmental policy committed to improving and maintaining our performance.

What we're doing

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact in a range of areas.

Working with our staff

  • Making sure our staff and visitors are aware of our policy and the reasons for it
  • Providing staff training on how to reduce our environmental impact
  • Encouraging staff participation and commitment to our policy

Our energy use

  • Using renewable energy
  • Making sure our buildings are as energy efficient as possible
  • Reducing our overall energy use

Our waste management

  • Reducing the amount of waste we create
  • Using every opportunity to reuse and recycle
  • Using natural resources efficiently, such as reducing our use of paper and stationery
  • Reducing the amount of water we use

How we work

  • Managing, monitoring and reducing the impact of our business operations
  • Buying effectively and ethically from our suppliers
  • Considering the environmental performance of our suppliers
  • Considering the environment when making future business policy decisions
  • Having an environmental management scheme with a certified accreditation

Our environmental objectives

We have a formal environmental policy which sets out our objectives and targets for 2018 to 2019. We will:

  • reduce our electrical use by delivering a 2% reduction in use per employee year on year
  • reduce the costs and emissions on the amount of paper we use. To achieve this, we will deliver a 5% reduction in paper used per employee, year on year
  • reduce costs and emissions from business travel by reducing overall business mileage by 5% per employee compared to the previous year
  • reduce costs and emissions from our waste by continuing to monitor our waste and increase the accuracy of the data we collect
  • continue to make sure none of our waste goes to landfill

Read our environmental policy statement (PDF 104KB)

Supporting our members

Legal Sustainability AllianceWe’re working with the Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA) and our members to improve their environmental impact. The LSA encourages its members to:

  • use sustainable development goals
  • develop more sustainable ways of working

The LSA is an inclusive group of law firms and related organisations committed to working together to improve their environmental sustainability. Membership is open to all law firms, in-house legal departments and chambers.

By joining, you make a commitment to accepting the LSA’s Principles and acting on each of them. LSA members are asked to report back on what they have done at the end of each year. The LSA also provides free access to events, resources, tools and advice.

Diversity and inclusion

The Law Society has made a commitment to eradicate unlawful discrimination and promote equality, diversity and inclusion.

We’re an equal opportunities employer and it’s our policy to treat all employees and job applicants fairly and equally.

Find out about the measures we’ve put in place to support our approach to diversity and inclusion