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Council role and responsibilities

  • The Council meets seven times a year to discuss and agree the strategic direction of the Law Society’s work on behalf of our membership.

    As governing body, the Council:

    • decides our position on major policy issues
    • sets our budget
    • recommends the level of the practising certificate fee to the Legal Services Board
    • agrees the business plan that budget will deliver.

    Council activities include:

    • providing a collective voice for the profession, including debates on matters of common interest
    • keeping under review the arrangements for dealing with regulatory functions (including the role of the SRA Board)
    • electing the deputy vice president each year, who then becomes successively vice president and president
    • holding the office holders (president, vice president, and deputy vice president) and the chief executive to account
    • ensuring that the work of the boards and committees is well coordinated.

    Council members

    Individual council member activities include:

    • attending Council meetings and participating in the formation of strategy and policy
    • representing solicitors in discussions with the government and public bodies like the Legal Aid Agency
    • reviewing the Society's business plans and budgets and contributing to debate before they are finalised
    • representing the views of the constituency (geographical or special interest) at Council meetings
    • liaising with members of the profession including the appropriate local law societies, sections and special interest groups, to explain the activities of the Law Society and report back to the Council
    • liaising with other external organisations as appropriate regarding the work of the Law Society
    • keeping up to date with the work of the Society through policy and other papers
    • approving appointments to Council committees
    • approving appointment of the chief executive
  • There is no doubt that things are changing for the profession. We need to adapt and innovate to satisfy the demands of government and customers. How we do that - and at the same time credibly champion the societal benefits of a healthy legal profession - is crucial.

    Being an in-house lawyer on the Law Society Council gives me the opportunity to represent the views and values of this growing and increasingly influential group of lawyers in a Council that has the reach and clout to ensure positive change.

    Deborah Prince, City of London
  • Got a question?

    If you'd like to know more about being a Council member, or the election process itself, email us at: councilelections@