When can our practice accept client funds?

Can we accept funds from a client before completing our customer due diligence?

Before taking any money from a client, you should carry out customer due diligence (CDD) as early as possible.

However, you may accept money on account of costs/fees on a risk-sensitive basis.

CDD must be completed before you:

  • deliver substantive work or benefit
  • permit funds to be deposited in your practice’s client account (unless they are for fees and disbursements)
  • allow property to be transferred
  • allow final agreements to be signed and completed

Carrying out CDD as soon as possible also helps you to avoid any delays further along in the matter, and will help you in your duty to report suspicious activity at an early stage.

This can help protect you from needing to submit a suspicious activity report as a defence against money laundering, where you have a suspicion the funds may be the proceeds of crime.

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