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    Latest advice and information for civil liberties and human rights practitioners.

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    Opting out of human rights agreement disproportionate and dangerous

    Proposals to opt out of international human rights agreements in future conflicts are misguided and risk stripping people - including British troops - of their rights, the Law Society of England and Wales said today.

    31 March 2017
    Press release

    Hilary Meredith discusses the Ministry of Defence's Better Combat Compensation consultation

    Hilary Meredith discusses the Ministry of Defence's Better Combat Compensation consultation.

    24 March 2017

    Business and Human Rights: An overview

    Human Rights Committee chair Tony Fisher discusses the principles underpinning Business and Human Rights and their implications for practitioners.

    9 February 2017

    Law firms and section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act

    Senior associate from Clifford Chance fills us in on the latest with the Modern Slavery Act and how law firms should produce their own Section 54 statements.

    9 February 2017

    Modern Slavery Act and Section 54

    This practice note is intended to help solicitors comply with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 by providing practical advice and highlighting examples of good practice.

    6 December 2016
    Practice note

    Criminal prosecutions of victims of trafficking

    This practice note outlines the main provisions of the relevant conventions and protocols and highlights the duty to enquire and, if necessary, investigate further, any credible claim that an individual has been a victim of trafficking.

    2 November 2016
    Practice note

    Business and human rights

    Robert Bourns discusses modern slavery and how law firms can advise clients on human rights.

    8 August 2016


    This practice note explains how client confidentiality is affected by the failure to disclose offence provisions in the Terrorism Act 2000.

    13 January 2016
    Practice note

    Police interviews involving sign language interpreters

    PACE requires that police interviews with suspects are recorded. You must ensure that interviews with clients who require a sign language interpreter are video recorded. This practice provides advice on how to meet the requirement.

    21 December 2015
    Practice note

    Working with transgender employees

    This practice note is designed to help everyone in your firm to work respectfully with transgender people.

    20 November 2015
    Practice note
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