EU mobility after Brexit: practice rights and rules in EU 27 member states

The practising rights of English solicitors travelling to the EU to advise clients based there depend on the member state where they are providing services.

This guide gives an overview of the conditions applying in each member state to solicitors temporarily based there. It does not address the conditions applying to solicitors permanently based in an EU member state or those providing advice remotely.

It should be treated as guidance only. The approach individuals and firms will want to take may change depending on their individual circumstances.

We'll update this guide as our understanding of each regulatory framework deepens and the implementation of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) progresses.

Solicitors travelling to the EU on business should also be mindful of the immigration requirements applying in each member state and the possible impact on tax.

For more details on immigration and taxation, see our guide on travelling to the EU on business after Brexit.

For more details on the rules applying to solicitors in each member state, email

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