FAQ: Varying the terms of a consent order

Our library lists precedents for a deed varying the terms of a consent order.

Precedents for a deed varying the terms of a consent order

Practical Matrimonial Precedents (looseleaf, 1988- ) Volume 1:

  • Precedent B4(i): Deed varying terms of order. This deed is for use only where it is not possible for the agreement to be dealt with by way of incorporation in a court order
  • Precedent B4(h) (and footnotes). A specimen order varying a capital order where it states that such a deed is unsatisfactory but that it may be the best that can be done in certain circumstances

Bird, Financial Remedies Handbook, 10th edition (2015):

  • Appendix A, Precedent 31. Forms of court order for variation applications


Bird, Financial Remedies Handbook, 10th edition (2015):

  • An application to vary a consent order is contained within the definition of ‘financial remedy’. There are therefore no separate rules applicable to such an application and it should be conducted according to the normal rules applicable to ancillary relief. See Bird, Financial Remedies Handbook, 10th edition, (2015) paragraphs 13.16 and 13.17. Application is made on Form A p. 314-325 (the Family Procedure Rules 2010, SI 2010/2955, r. 2.3)

Record last checked 29 September 2015.

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